The Wastelands is a wide and vast desert stretching from the outskirts of Airea from the northern part of Balos up to the southeastern part of the continent. It is home to diverse creatures, from grazing herds of bucks, buffalos, and mammoths, up to fierce predators such as giant snakes, sabre-toothed lions, and feral ogres. A fair part of it is also considered by nomadic rebels as their territory. The place was known for being the grounds of "The Great War of The Wastelands", which was fought between Airean forces and the rebellious nomads, wherein the forces of Airea won. Despite this however, the desert is still being occupied by the remaining groups of roaming rebel survivors.

Notable Residents Edit

  • The Bounty Hunter (formerly)
  • Ariana (formerly)
  • Berand
  • Sir William
  • Aes Sedai